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As a Sophrologist, I support children, adolescents, adults and seniors, through brief therapeutic sessions, in either individual or group settings, led in either French or English.


Sophrology in a nutshell

Sophrology is a practice that can help you create a greater sense of well-being in your everyday life. It can activate your potential through a combination of breathing and relaxation exercises, mental suggestions and positive visualization methods, which can collectively address your emotions, mind and body. Sophrology empowers you with a greater understanding of yourself and the world around you; it helps you to face daily challenges, with serenity, and anchor yourself in the present moment.

Sophrology acts altogether on your body, your mind and your emotions with a combination of breathing and relaxation exercises, as well as the visualization of mental images.

There are two types of exercises:

  • dynamic relaxation exercises based on smooth movements in association with breathing exercises
  • sophronizations which are visualizations exercises guided by the voice of the Sophrologist.

Sophrology was created in the 1960s by Alfredo Caycedo, a Columbian neuropsychiatrist.

It brings together Western and Eastern techniques such as: hypnosis, relaxation methods, positive suggestion technique, meditation, yoga, zazen…

The term Sophrology was inspired by ancient Greek and means the study of the harmonization of consciousness (sôs: harmonious; phren: spirit; logos: science).


How to practice Sophrology?

Individual sessions

The overall therapeutic program and the intention and exercises of each individual session are tailored to your needs and to the precise objective you set out for yourself during the initial session.


Collective sessions

During collective sessions, more general themes are proposed and adapted according to the group dynamic and context in which these sessions are organized. The exercises are led in a more generic manner.


Who is Sophrology for?

Sophrology can be practiced by everybody *; exercises are adapted to your physical condition when necessary. It can be practiced anywere; no specific material or clothing is required.

* only contraindication: schizophrenia and psychosis.


Sophrology: what for?

Sophrology applies to:

  • Well-being: learn how to manage your emotions and prevent them from taking over.
    Example: manage stress, manage emotions, regulate sleep, develop self-confidence and self-esteem, enhance learning experience (improve your concentration and memory…), manage a change in your personal or professional life…


  • Prepare a major event: manage apprehension, help you be aware and draw on your capacities to live the experience in the best conditions.
    Example: speeches, interviews and exams, giving birth, stage or sport performances…


  • Support a medical treatment*: help you to better cope with a treatment and/or regain a good quality of life by reducing the impact of side effects, help you better deal with pain and restore a good self-image.
    Example: tinnitus, fibromyalgia, cancer...


  • Support pathological behaviors *: manage phobias and impulses.
    Example: transportation phobia, agoraphobia, or other phobias, addictions (tobacco, alcohol, etc), bulimia, anorexia.

    * NB: Sophrology can be used on its own, and to complement other approaches (medical or holistic), but will never replace a medical advice or treatment.



Typical session

A typical session starts out with a few dynamic relaxation exercises (body stimulations associated with controlled breathing) which are followed by a sophronization exercise in a state of deep relaxation (visualizing positive images guided by the Sophrologist's voice). The session starts and ends with a dialogue between you and the Sophrologist for you to voice your needs, physical and emotional state and to articulate your experience as a way of developing your awareness.


How many sessions

I support you along a brief therapy so that you progress towards your goal that is defined during the initial appointment. A therapy lasts on average 8 to 10 sessions. A session lasts between 45 mn and 1 hour.



I will always advise you to practice daily for better results: you can choose among the session exercises you want to practice a few minutes a day. Regular practice will help you develop new habits and make these exercises your own.


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About me

I am Franco-American and I have lived in France, in the United States, in England and in Belgium.

Over 25 years, first as a Design Consultant then as Internal Communication deputy Director in various business sectors (leisure and media, automobile, non-profit organizations, pharmaceutical), I was committed to listening to individual needs and was eager to contribute to people’s well-being by giving sense and meaning to their work and living environment. Despite the often tense economic and social contexts, I was particularly drawn to actions which favored exchanges among individuals, fostered human diversity among teams, offered individual and collective development opportunities and gave way to didactic information about internal policies.

Today, as a certified Sophrologist, I am eager to pursue the mission to help people which I set out for myself. I was drawn to Sophrology because it takes into account the person as a whole (body, mind and emotions); it offers tailored short-term therapies, geared towards a precisely defined goal; by the end of the therapy, the client is autonomous and equipped with a customized pack of exercises. This type of therapy provides concrete support that can be applied here and now.

I am a member of several local associations and eager to take part in developing a society more respectful of mankind and of our environment. I also follow up on thoughts and studies about child education because children are tomorrow's citizens of this world.


Training and Professional Certification

  • Trained as a Sophrologist at the Institut de Formation à la Sophrologie (Paris, France)  
  • Holder of a French Sophrologist  Professional Certification (Répertoire National de la Certification Professionnelle)
  • Holder of a Bachelor of Industrial Design from Pratt Institute (Brooklyn, United States)


Ethic and Commitment

As a Member of the Chambre Syndicale de Sophrologie (French Sophrology Trade Association) and as such I comply with its Code of conduct and practice within a strict ethical framework.


Practical information

My practice

2 rue des Laitières, 94300 Vincennes

Sessions can also be organized in your home if you live in Vincennes or Saint-Mandé (contact me for other locations)



Monday to Saturday, 8 am to 8 pm

Tel: 07 83 51 50 02

Make an appointment



  • Individual sessions

Adults and Adolescents (1h session)  65 €

Children age 6 and above (45 min session) 65 €


  • Collective sessions

Adults  (1h session)  20 € /person (min. 4 participants)

See Workshop calendar or organize a self-made up group session

For sessions at La Brocantine, annual association membership fee: 20 €


Out of respect for other clients and your therapist, consultations that not have been cancelled 48h in advance, will be still be subject to payment.


  • Companies

Costs for individual or collective sessions are submitted by quotation based on specifications.

Request a quotation 


  • Reimbursement

The French Social Security does not reimburse Sophrology sessions.

Private health insurance: the Chambre Syndicale de Sophrologie (the Sophrology Trade Association) website lists private health insurances which reimburse sessions. See list


Contact me for further information


Alexandra Dobbs in Vincennes

My Pratice

2 rue des Laitières
94300 Vincennes

833 074 263 00017

Monday to Saturday, 8 am to 8 pm

Last testimonies

"I feel more confident now"

Par Issis

Alexandra is a solid and excellent professional, with great empathy. It has a wide range of tools, which uses wonderfully. Hypnosis works very well. The work with Alexandra allows to gradually integrate all exercises easily to the daily post-therapy routine. I'm grateful for the opportunity of working my fears with Alexandra.

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